Infra0 helps teams manage end-to-end encrypted AI development and offers a no-code AI platform & Data Marketplace for business

Supercharge your company with no-code AI APIs. Buy or Sell data, APIs, models securely.

ThingsInfra0can do for you

  1. 01.Encrypted, Secure, AI without MLOps

    Pre-warmed ML clusters with Infra0 encryption. Infra0 saves data scientist's time while also giving them all the tools & control.

  2. 02.Create, Buy, Sell ML APIs

    Deploy, or even Sell, your Infra0 trained ML model into production as an API. Or buy one from our Marketplace.

  3. 03.Create end-to-end Data pipelines

    Integrate AI easily into your organizations workflow. Whether that is improving improving sales recommendations, marketing, or internal processes

  4. 04.Make use of Infra0's collective Data intelligence

    Buy, Sell Data & access to your previously set up ML APIs securely in the Infra0 Data marketplace. Tap into Infra0's collective data intelligence

Supercharge your organization with Infra0

  • Have Machine Learning APIs running in no time

    Pick out an API from the Infra0 marketplace or bring your own model. AI integrated to your production systems without code.

  • Easily create data pipelines for your business

    Connect your customers, your processes, your app/website to Infra0 ML APIs.

  • Compliance & Privacy

    Securely buy or sell data without revealing or directly giving access to the data itself to 3rd parties

Use cases enabled by Infra0

Infra0's capabilities cover the whole Machine Learning stack.Infra0 run any ML model developed in the major language. Our no-code pipeline creator allows anyone to have a free hand at building complex systems. Some of these applications are:


Make predictions easily based on application/website triggers or your organization's data.

Collective knowledge

Tap into all the data collected by Infra0 customers to run your business better.

Real-time Recommendations

Show your customers the products & content they will love. Improve your ads and targeting.

Infra0 for Business

Our mission is to reinvent how organizations manage their data. Let us help!

Get in touch with us with any questions or ideas you would like to achievet in Infra0. We are here to help!

Infra0 for Engineering teams

Pre-warmed AI clusters with all the tools and Infra0 encryption running in the back.

Have a ready-to-go Workbench for all your machine learning needs. From experiments, to production model serving and database exploration, you can do all within Infra0.

Infra0 careers

Come onboard and build the next generation of the internet stack on which others can build on.

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